Saturday, March 29, 2014

Springtime Afghan

The weather here finally seems to be warming up, praise the Lord, and I've made yet another afghan, this one is much smaller than my last, it's still a decent size throw though! I absolutely love it! It worked up pretty quickly too. The pattern I used is called "Earth Awakens", it's from the same book that I used for my Log Cabin  afghan and my John Wayne  afghan, it's one of my very favorite afghan books, there are so many beautiful patterns in there! I had gotten a while back at a nearby alpaca farm, I actually got it for only three dollars, which was a blessing, especially since I've used the book several times now.
Anyway, although this afghan worked up pretty quickly, I took breaks on it too do other projects, so it still took me from February 28th to March 27th.

I bought the yarn at A.C. Moore back in the middle of February, I bought Caron Simply Soft. I absolutely LOVE this color too, it's called "Woodland Heather".
The way this yarn looks after it's all neatly wound on my ball winder is amazing, I loved looking at it!
This yarn wound up really easily too, it's so soft!
The pattern was very easy and a lot of fun to work on! When I first started it I knew I was really going to enjoy working on it. It was a good afghan to work on while talking, listening to music and watching movies, specifically North and South, all of which I did! =)

I still can't believe how much I love this afghan, I'm not sure if it's the color that I love so much, or the pattern design, perhaps it's a bit of both!
Here is the picture of my finished product!

There are about 2,750 yards of yarn in this afghan, about a mile and a half! I love the way it drapes over the chair, it looks so pretty....this yarn is great for that!
Here are some more pictures, I'm kind of obsessed with taking afghan pictures, especially when I can take them outside!

I really liked the way it looked folded on the back of this chair, it shows off the design really nicely!

It's actually another mile a minute pattern, just a different style.

Lastly, here it is on the rocking chair along with some of my leftover yarn! I love when there is leftover yarn!

Now that my afghans are all finished I have no idea what I'm going to be working on next! It's such an odd feeling. Well, that's all for now!
Have a great day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Ripple

Our bit of warm weather was wonderful while it lasted, as I told you, I was able to crochet outside and enjoy the warmth God gave us that day, a lot of our snow has melted. We were actually able to see the ground in most areas, there were still patches of snow all over though. We're getting some flurries right now, but I don't' think it'll amount to much. It'll feel nice when spring is officially here!

Anyway, in my last post I mentioned that I had started a baby ripple afghan. I had started it on a Thursday night and finished it that Saturday, it worked up super quick! I made this one for our etsy shop. I hope to get it up there soon.

Here is the afghan in progress, as you can probably tell, this is the day I was able to work outside. It was so refreshing to be outside and enjoy the pretty day! One of my favorite types of afghans to bring outside are ripples, so that made me extra happy and excited!

I'm still super excited that I was able to bring this outside to work on!
Here is the finished product! I tried my best to be random in my order of colors,I just made sure that I started and finished with two rows of black. I have a very difficult time being random with my projects, I always have to have some kind of "order" when it comes to my color patterns. This one really has no pattern and I was very happy with the way it came out!

I have so much fun taking pictures of my projects, especially when I'm able to take pictures outside! Taking pictures inside is fun too, it just seems harder to get good ones inside.

The baby cradle my mom has worked really well for getting pictures!
Finally, here is a close up picture of my color combination! I really like these colors for a baby boy.
Now that this afghan is finished, I'll be working on my green afghan again! I'm hoping that I'll have that one finished by the end of the month.

Well, that's about it! I'm really trying to get better about posting often, I only really post when I have finished projects and I can only finish things so fast! I could try posting about some other things besides my crafting, perhaps I'll do some point! =)
Have a great day!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cross-Stitched Pillowcases

I was looking at some of my finished projects the other day and realized I never wrote a post about the pillowcases I cross-stitched back in the beginning of January!

This is my first stamped cross-stitch project, it was so much fun to work on! When I first started I thought for sure they were going to take me FOREVER to finish because I'm not fast when it comes to cross-stitching, but I was pleasantly surprised when it took me less than a week to complete one.

These pillowcases actually look pretty nice with my "John Wayne Afghan" , which is a definite plus! I'm going to be cross-stitching a dresser scarf as well, but haven't gotten around to working on that yet, there are SO many projects that I want to's crazy!

Anyway, here are the pictures!

cross stitch

They were really easy to do! I absolutely love them! These pillowcases actually have a bit of a story to them, which I'm excited to be able to share.
I had been wanting to cross-stitch some pillowcases for a little while, but stamped pillowcases aren't very cheap, and they aren't easy to find in stores. On New Year's Eve day we went to A.C. Moore and they had just gotten their stamped cross-stitch and embroidery back in, I was SO excited! I had a 40% off coupon, PLUS $10 in rewards money, (which is money earned from shopping there), and between those two discounts I was able to get the pillowcases, plus all the floss I needed for FREE! =D Praise the Lord, I couldn't have been more excited! It was really wonderful!

cross stitch

In between working on the two pillowcases I also crocheted a doll sweater for our Etsy shop, it was also enjoyable to work on, something different for a change!

The sweater is crocheted using sock yarn, I love working with sock yarn! I couldn't believe how quickly it worked up, I was pleased with how it turned out too.
Doll Sweater by Justgirlswithyarn on Etsy, $8.50

Right now I'm taking a small break from my green afghan and making a baby ripple afghan to sell on etsy, I'm hoping to finish the baby ripple soon so I can post about that, then continue with my other afghan! It's a GORGEOUS day here today so I was able to bring the ripple outside and work on it there, it was SUCH a blessing to be able to get outside and enjoy a bit of warm weather God gave us today.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The "John Wayne" Afghan....(Mile-a-Minute Afghan)

It is still cold and snowy here, PERFECT for crocheting afghans! My most recent afghan is a mile-a-minute pattern, it has been a lot of fun working on it, the name is deceiving though...this afghan took me  a little while to make. It's MUCH larger than I expected though. I've actually been calling it my "John Wayne" afghan because it's the EXACT length of John Wayne's height! =D The width of it is my height, so the size of this afghan is.... 5 feet by 6 foot 4 inches, (60in. by 76in.). So, in other words, it's "Me by John Wayne" =D

There are fourteen strips that needed to be made, I started the first strip at a Super Bowl party we went to and came close to finishing it while we were there. I probably would have finished it, but there were lots of distractions so it took me a little longer.

Anyway, I bought the yarn at A.C. Moore, (a local craft store). I bought "Caron One Pound" which is a softer acrylic yarn, it worked really nicely for my project! I'm super happy with my finished product!
I worked on it all the time, we got several snowstorms and it was a lot of fun working on an afghan while it snowed.

I never make afghans that are pink and, obviously, this one is pink! I really love it though, it's nearly big enough to fit a queen size bed.

The time has come for me to show you the finished product! Yay!!!!

It has 2 miles worth of yarn which is 3545 yards, and it weighs about 5 pounds! I'm so excited that I finally finished this! It took me from February 2nd to February 25th.

I love this pattern, it was so much fun working on it.

Here it is all laid out! It was hard to get a picture of this afghan because we still have snow on the ground so I couldn't bring it outside to take pictures...I didn't want it getting wet.

Well that's about it! I'm going to be starting ANOTHER afghan very soon, this one will be green! =) I'm in a major afghan mood this winter!
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cowl, Packers Scarf, and More Snow!

This winter has been a very cold one! Thankfully, we've gotten a decent amount of snow so it makes the cold worth it. Cold winters are great for crocheting, and for me, it has been a winter that I crochet a lot of cowls, scarves, and other neck warmers.

My most recent cowl is a pattern that I got out of a "Once Skein Wonder" book that I got for Christmas. I got the yarn from for my birthday, it's SO soft and wonderful, I love it!
I used this yarn for the first time and was really happy with it! I had used "knitpicks brava sport" before, but I hadn't ever tried the worsted weight, so it was fun to use a different yarn!

Not the best picture, but it's cloudy today and too icy to go outside.

I also got a couple a skeins of "knitpicks brava sport" to make myself a scarf in my favorite football team's colors. I really love how it came out too! I generally don't use the color yellow, but the Green Bay Packers wear yellow and green. I can't wait to wear it when my team plays next season!

packers scarf

Right now I'm working on a mile a minute afghan, I can't wait to be able to post pictures when it's all done, and guess what, it's not green it's actually going to be pink for a change in color!I just started it though, so it'll be a little while. It has been a lot of fun working on it!

 Another exciting this is we got a surprise snowstorm, everything looks so beautiful, it's our prettiest storm yet!


This storm covered the trees so perfectly! Even after a couple of days, the trees are still covered! We have about a foot or so of snow right now.



Isn't God's creation so amazing? Whenever it snows I think of the verse in Psalms... "Be still and know that I am God"


I love the snow, it's perfect for crocheting and coffee! My kitten, Flynn, enjoys looking outside at the prettiness too! =) He "helped" me take pictures for this post, and by "helped" I mean attacked my feet! =D

He is getting so big! =)

Well, that's all for now! I hope to be writing again soon!
Have a great day!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally! My Lace Shawl!

I've really been looking forward to being able to write this post. I have been working on this lace shawl on and off, between Christmas gifts and swaps, while watching football and Little House on the Prairie, and during visits with family and friends. To make a long story short, this shawl has taken me FOREVER! But! The time put into it was totally worth it! had a yarn sale a few months ago, and when they did I bought three skeins of lace weight yarn, I got an amazing deal! Praise the Lord!
As you can see, it's alpaca and silk! I love touching this yarn, it's SO soft!

The color I got is BEAUTIFUL! The color is called "Bayou", I love all the different shades of green and brown there are, then the little bit of blue. I love it so much! I was really pleased when my yarn came in the mail. There is something about ordering yarn and having it come directly to your house, through the mail, that is so much fun!

I had started this shawl on Thanksgiving Eve day, then I had to put it away and make Christmas things, plus some things to put on etsy, so I didn't work on it a ton. After I finished my Christmas gifts I was able to work on it much more often, it took me such a long time to finally finish it because of how fine the yarn is. The pattern I used is out of  "Cute and Easy Crochet" by Nicki Trench, it's called "Summer Evening Shawl". I personally would wear this any time of the year!

I didn't make my shawl quite as long as the pattern said to, but if I had it probably would have been way to long for me! The way the yarn looked before I crocheted with it, then as I started to work with it, I think the colors got even more beautiful!

This isn't the greatest picture of it, but I wanted at least one picture where you can see the entire shawl.

One thing I really love about this shawl is that I can also wear it as a scarf!

shawl as scarf

Another thing I love about this shawl, other than the amazing yarn, is the edging of picots. As long as the edging took, it added a lot to the shawl and I really love it!

This is a really close-up picture of the edging...


Then taking a step back, it looks something like this. =)

lace shawl

As much fun as I had working on this, I'm really happy I'm done and can wear it now! =) I have been waiting so long to finally be able to write a post about this lace shawl and am SO excited that I was able to today! =)
Have a great day!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Swaps and Scarves


A while back I mentioned that I was doing a swap on ravelry! It was a lot of fun, and I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures.
One of the things I sent was a crochet hook case, it was really easy to make and I really liked it a lot!

swaps and scarves

Swaps and Scarves

I sent some other things as well, but this was by far my favorite! I want to make one for myself at some point.
I also made some dishcloths, place markers, snowflake ornaments, and I sent some yarn.
I really enjoyed doing the swap, here are some pictures of what was sent to me.


I couldn't believe how many wonderful things were in this package! There was a TON of yarn, some of it was cotton, some wool and even alpaca, all of which I LOVE! =D
There were so many goodies, it made me very happy! I love everything. =)


It is going to be a while before I actually finish using all of this yarn, I made myself a cowl out of a skein of the alpaca yarn. It is so soft and warm, I love it! I made it special for our Christmas Eve church service.


Another thing I made special for Christmas Eve was a hairpin. It has sparkles in it, so I thought it looked festive. =)

Swap 2

Right before Christmas, my grandma, mom, sisters and I decided we should do a swap together and trade around New Years. I drew my grandma's name and she drew mine, it was funny that we got each other! =) I made her a teal crochet hook case, which I forgot to take a picture of for my blog, but you can kind of picture it yourself, it's the same case as the one I showed you earlier on in this post. Grandma made me a BEAUTIFUL doily, it's green and white. The white has sparkles in it that look like snow, the picture I took doesn't do it justice, it's hard to get good pictures of doilies sometimes.


She also got me a hanging angel, which looks really nice on the doily!


Lastly, I made this scarf for friend. I got the pattern out of a One Skein Wonder book that I got for Christmas...the book is amazing!


I would have liked to get a better picture of it by taking it outside. However, the day that I took the picture, our wind chill temperature was minus 7, so I stayed inside that afternoon! =) My sister and I went for a walk that morning though, we decided we wouldn't do that again when it's that cold and windy, it was still fun though! =)

Well, that's all for now! Have a wonderful day!